Republic Steel Buildings

The Republic Steel buildings overlooking Lyon Mountain village. These serve as a reminder of the iron ore mining days in Lyon Mountain, which began in earnest in the 1870s. What was once the Chateaugay Ore and Iron Company was taken over by the Republic Steel Corporation in the 1930s. Lyon Mountain produced the best iron ore in the world. The ore was used in such famous structures as the Golden Gate, Brooklyn, and George Washington bridges. The mines remained in operation until 1967, when it became too expensive to mine the ore. (Reference: Lyon Mountain: The Tragedy of a Mining Town, 2004, by Lawrence P. Gooley).


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  • Joan P. Bessey (Garrow) on Jan 26, 2013, 7:50 AM Joan P. Bessey (Garrow) said

    My mom was Maude P. Garrow (born in Lyon Mt.) & her mothers maiden name was Bruso.Her brother was killed in the mines.My dad(Henry W. Garrow also worked in the mines,as did moms brother LeRoy LaMar. We Lived in Dannemora,NY. I have 3 of your books and would by all if I could afford. I bought my last one "Terror in the adirondacts" as a Christmas present for my husbund Harold as he went to school with Robert Garrow in Mineville,NY.


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