Welcome to Our Lyon Mountain Site!

This site, designed and maintained by Bloated Toe Enterprises (about us), is dedicated to the town of Lyon Mountain, a small hamlet in the Adirondacks of northern New York State (see map). The town is small (pop. 458 according to the 2000 census), but the people there are very friendly, hard-working, and resilient.

Lyon Mountain is probably best-known for its history of iron ore mining, which began in earnest in the 1870s. Lyon Mountain produced the best iron ore in the world, much of it finding its way into famous structures such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Although the mines closed in 1967, the Lyon Mountain townspeople still have vivid memories of those mining days and are proud of their history and heritage.

When we published our book, Lyon Mountain: The Tragedy of a Mining Town (click here for details) by Lawrence P. Gooley, in November 2004, the people of Lyon Mountain were very responsive. They were so excited to have their story told, they not only bought our book, they helped promote it by spreading the word among their friends and relatives here and all over the country. We've now sold thousands of copies and are still receiving orders from places as far away as Florida and California. We've even been told that customers purchased books from us and then transported them to other countries such as Switzerland and Australia.

Because Lyon Mountain is such a great place with a rich history, we decided to create an entire website dedicated to the town. The site includes photos of various attractions in and around Lyon Mountain, as well as links to other sites related to the Lyon Mountain area. Most important, we have included a page containing information about the Friends of Lyon Mountain Mining and Railroad Museum.

So explore and enjoy the site. If you're wondering who we are, feel free to explore the Bloated Toe Enterprises website as well.